Donations for the CACIT Germany

Thank you for helping to make the CACIT Germany event one of the most important IGP dog sport events. You are great as our sport.

Dear friends of CACIT Germany,

we are proud to be able to make this event available free of charge via a livestream, so that anyone interested worldwide can follow the competitions. No one has to pay for admission to the stadium either.

However, we would like to ask you to still make a contribution by supporting our association with a donation. Every Euro will be used exclusively for the organization and realization of the event as well as for the promotion of the dog sport. It is our concern that we can present the IGP dog sport to a wide audience and thus inspire even more people for this wonderful sport.

Your donation helps to ensure that we can continue to hold high-quality, professional events in the future that are an experience not only for die-hard IGP friends on site, but also for spectators and interested parties from all over the world.

We appreciate any support and thank you in advance for your generous donation.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen Das Team von „CACIT Germany“